Surgical Procedures

We are New Orleans LA's premier animal clinic providing professional, personalized veterinarian services for over 30 years. At River Road Veterinary Hospital, our experienced doctors are equipped to handle any surgical procedure, including spaying and neutering. 

Spaying & Neutering

We strongly advise that all companion animals be spayed or neutered, for the following reasons:

  1. to reduce the risk of ovarian/uterine/mammary/testicular cancers;
  2. to prevent pyometra (infection in the uterus) and prostate enlargement;
  3. to help calm an unruly animal (i.e. make a better pet); and
  4. to prevent unwanted breeding.

The animal's personality will not be changed, other than being more stable, without interference from hormones. Spays/neuters are usually performed at 6-12 months of age. We schedule these procedures Monday - Friday. Your pet is left in our care in the morning, and most patients will spend one night with us for strict rest and observation. As with any elective (non-emergency) surgery, animals must be up to date on all vaccinations and be fasted (food withheld) for 12 hours prior. Post-operative pain medication will be administered and may be prescribed for home use. We remove the sutures in 7-10 days, allowing us to re-examine the surgery site as well.

Additional Surgical Needs

Sometimes companion animals need surgery beyond the usual spay or neuter. We are equipped for all but the most specialized procedures. Dr. Chapman is a talented surgeon, being adept at orthopedic, soft tissue, and arthroscopic surgery in small and large animals. Dr. Dunn is a skilled anesthetist, and José is an experienced surgical assistant.

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