Sick Visits & Emergencies

River Road Veterinary Hospital welcomes both emergency treatment cases as well as pets in need of routine medical, surgical, and dental care in New Orleans LA. In the event that your pet needs to see a doctor for anything other than a wellness visit, we make every effort to see you that same day. We would always rather put your mind at ease if you are worried about a pet that "isn't quite right" vs. taking a "wait and see" attitude. We do schedule appointments, but we will never turn away an emergency or sick pet. If that pet needs continued specialized care, we have hospitalization capability, with 24-hour, on-site nursing care.

Have an Emergency?

Our expert doctors are equipped to handle any emergency, and we are available for emergencies, during and after business hours for our clients. For problems that cannot wait until the next business day, please call our answering service at (504) 779-2015, which will contact the veterinarian on call.

Veterinary Hospital New Orleans LA

With a dog on a hog and a rabbit up the mast, and a cat and a goat on a raft floating past. This clever bunch of animals, this clever bunch of pets, are off to see their friends, at the River Road Vets.