Boarding & Grooming

We provide boarding and basic grooming for our patients. Please call us for pricing: (504) 838-0288.


Boarding includes individual housing per night with Science Diet dog or cat food. Dogs are leash-walked twice daily, and cats are given clean litter pans daily. Pigs and goats are housed in horse stalls. If the pet requires a special therapeutic diet, we can provide it for an additional charge, or you may certainly supply your pet's food while it stays with us.


Grooming services include baths (medicated or regular) with ear cleaning and nail trims, and shave-downs are available. Some pets may require light sedation, but it is not automatically performed. New customers in need of these services for their pet need simply to show proof of current vaccinations, and allow us to perform an exam to establish a relationship. We can update any needed immunizations and parasite control while the pet is here.

Veterinary Hospital New Orleans LA

With a dog on a hog and a rabbit up the mast, and a cat and a goat on a raft floating past. This clever bunch of animals, this clever bunch of pets, are off to see their friends, at the River Road Vets.