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New Early Drop-Off Hours

Effective Monday October 22, 2018, we will be accepting early drop-offs of patients for scheduled services at 7:00 AM, Monday through Friday. You will meet our new morning receptionist, Carrie, who is also working the 12-1 hour, allowing us to be open during lunch!

We will still close at 5:30 PM M-F, and Saturday hours remain 9:00 AM to 12 noon-ish. We are excited about our new hours, and hope that they will make your life more convenient.

Your friends at River Road Veterinary Hospital.

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With a dog on a hog and a rabbit up the mast, and a cat and a goat on a raft floating past. This clever bunch of animals, this clever bunch of pets, are off to see their friends, at the River Road Vets.