You’ve heard the saying, “Take a Chill Pill” – but did you know this can apply to pets?

At River Road Veterinary Hospital, our goal is to provide a stress-free appointment for each of our patients. However, a vet appointment can be an intimidating and anxiety-inducing experience for many pets – even if they aren’t usually prone to anxiety. This can prompt the pet to act out during routine procedures such as blood draw, nail trim, or even a simple physical exam, which are all essential to checking your pet’s health. In these situations, it can be difficult for our staff to provide the highest level of veterinary care that you have come to expect from us at RRVH. One stressful experience can cause more difficult future visits.

This is where the “Chill Protocol” comes in! This protocol was created in 2016 by two veterinarians at The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, and is a method for pets to arrive calm and remain calm throughout their appointment. It involves a series of oral medications administered at home, the night before and the morning of their appointment. Your pet’s veterinarian can prescribe the medications with detailed instructions for calmly administering them at home, before the onset of anxiety. These medications can make all the difference in your veterinarian’s and technician’s ability to give your pet the best, most attentive care at the lowest stress level.

If you’d like to try this optional protocol for your pet’s next appointment, let us know a few days in advance so we can discuss their options for Chill Protocol. Our veterinarians will also let you know if they think this would be a good fit for your pet’s next appointment.

If you have any questions about the Chill Protocol, contact us!
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