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5 Common Dental Health Problems in Pets

If your pet could open wide and say “Aah,” what would her mouth look like? Pets can hide pain well, and they usually make it hard for you to see their teeth, so dental problems may go undetected until they begin to compromise your pet’s health, or are discovered during a wellness exam. Following are [...]

5 Ways to Encourage Your Pet to Be Active

Although you may desire nothing more than plopping on your couch after a long day at work, your pet has been waiting for you to come home and shower her with attention. With no interaction throughout the day, your furry friend needs physical and mental activity to fulfill her needs, and prevent problem behaviors, obesity, [...]

5 Reasons Why Routine Dental Care is Essential for Pets

Dental health is an incredibly important part of your pet’s overall well-being. People are advised to visit the dentist regularly, and our pets should be held to the same standard. From tartar build-up, to tooth fractures, to other painful oral diseases, pets experience dental problems, too. Here are the top five reasons why you should [...]

5 Holiday-Related Veterinary Emergencies

For many people, decking the halls and preparing festive feasts are favorite holiday traditions. Still, many of these customs can be downright dangerous to pets. From toxic foods to hazardous decor, pet owners should take caution when preparing for the holiday season. Read on for five pet injuries that veterinarians commonly see this time of [...]

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