Dear Dr. Dunn,
From the bottom of our hearts, Rick & I want to thank you for the loving and compassionate way you cared for Bailee & Tigre. You are in our hearts, as are they, forever.

— Rick & Sarah

Dear Dr. Dunn,
Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Abita. She has recovered so well and is with us today because of your quick and thoughtful action.

— Karen & Jay

Thank you for your excellent care of Abita. She is thriving today because of your skilled hands and caring attention.

— Jay and Karen

My fur babies Mickey and Simon love Dr. Chapman, Dr. Dunn and José. This is the best clinic I've ever brought my dogs to. I will never go anywhere else!

— Wendy Felton Duplantier

Dr. Dunn is the greatest! For over a decade, all of my kitties (and there have been several) always receive the best medical care. We are blessed to have her watch over us.

— Belinda Black

South East a Wildlife Rescue would like to thank Dr Chapman for assisting us today with a rescue! We appreciate your expertise and compassion for animals.

— Michelle Carollo

Just brought my cat to Dr. Dunn. She and José were phenomenal! So compassionate and patient. Can't thank you enough, it was truly a wonderful experience.

— Kay Woodward

Dr. Chapman is just great! Has taken excellent care of my aging fur babies!

— Michele Gore

Dr. Dunn is the best. Dr. Chapman is fabulous. Dr. Dunn will treat your animal like it is her own. Really. This year, when my cat had a horrible seizure that should have killed him, Dr. Chapman met us at the office himself and started treatment to end the seizure - helping to calm my husband and myself as well! The seizure wouldn't stop and Dr. Dunn came in later. She even took our boy home with her overnight to be sure to watch him and make sure he was ok through the night. Since then, she has been determined and diligent about getting his difficult diabetes under control. She goes way above and beyond what one might expect from your vet. You really can't ask for more in your veterinary care. They are both all about your pet's health. Dr. Dunn has been my vet since before Katrina - so I knew the quality care she could provide since before she started with River Road; she has cared for several of my feline children. I followed her to River Road. You really won't find a more caring, thoughtful, intelligent and professional doctor for your pets.

— S.G.

Dr. Dunn and Dr. Chapman are the best!! My little guy has some serious mental issues in his older days and they are both DETERMINED to get his little mind right. They both follow up with me on a regular basis and have done tons of research on meds and his condition. I couldn't ask for a better vet.

— Carrie E.

I recently moved here from Houston with my English Bulldog Phat Daddy. Because of his breed and their known issues, I was very hesitant about trusting his care to just any old vet. After Phatty took ill, I was referred to Dr. Chapman by my neighbor. Now I wouldn't dare trust Phatty's care to any other doctor. Dr. Chapman is caring, gentle, extremely knowledgeable and professional in his care. His staff is very very accommodating even with last minute emergency appointments. I highly recommend River Road to anyone who loves their pets as much as I love My Phatty!!

— Michelle D.

Dr. Chapman, is a wizard - no, he's a genius, genuine, down-to-earth type vet who knows how to handle my Rottweiler when he's NOT happy. Dr. Chapman zipped around my Bear's backside and gave him an injection so quickly Bear didn't even notice. He and his assistant also managed to treat his ears for a good 5 minutes to cure his ails. So very happy to know he's there for us.

— Jamie M

I recently moved to the area and I was in need of a vet for my three dogs. When I arrived for dog's appointment, we were a little early so the helpful receptionist showed us around. The vet keeps a wide range of dogs, horses, chickens, and pigs. It was awesome to see all the animals! Then the vet took great care of my four-legged child. My dog was relaxed and he showed me how to clean his teeth at home instead of charging me hundreds to do it for me. The vet is very knowledgeable and caring. He took the time to talk to us and talked us through everything he was doing to our dog. He was so down-to-earth and has a true passion for all animals. I am so excited I picked the right vet and I can't wait to bring my other dogs in to meet the wonderful staff!

— Katelyn S.

I'm SURE if you run or bike on the levee, you've gone by this place. Bright yellow building, horse stables, it's next door to that big flea market. After biking by a ton and seeing how they take such good care of the horses, roosters, random goat... I decided they could handle my cat. (They're a large & small animal vet clinic). They got me in the SAME AFTERNOON I called and I was pleasantly surprised it wasn't nearly as costly as I feared. Dr. Chapman is awesome and it felt more like being at a country doctor's house and not some huge, impersonal clinic. Vet tech lives upstairs which made me feel even better - not that I need to stop by at 2 a.m. but it's just reassuring. They told me I could stop by and pet the horses, lab puppies, or 'kid' goat whenever I was biking by! Yeah hoo cause I will!

— Heather R.

Veterinary Hospital New Orleans LA

With a dog on a hog and a rabbit up the mast, and a cat and a goat on a raft floating past. This clever bunch of animals, this clever bunch of pets, are off to see their friends, at the River Road Vets.